Emergency Medicine is an essential component of any health care delivery system. It encompasses the knowledge and skills needed for the prevention, diagnosis, and management of all acute and urgent aspects of medical and surgical problems affecting patients of all age groups.

The Certification Program in Emergency Medicine (CPEM) is a 12-month competency-based training program conducted at The Indus Hospital (TIH) in Karachi, Pakistan. The program is aimed to equip trainees, working in emergency departments (ED), with fundamental knowledge and clinical expertise in the practice of emergency care.

CPEM will be offered in two components: a didactic-only program (CPEM-D), and a clinical program (CPEM-C).  CPEM-D students will participate in a year-long weekly lecture series on core topics in Emergency Medicine, delivered by a combination of national and international faculty.  CPEM-C students will complete the CPEM-D lecture series, as well as work clinically under supervision of national and international faculty in the ED at TIH.