Participant Perspectives

Here’s what some participants from our first batch have to say about what inspired them to join the Certification Program in Emergency Medicine (CPEM):


…Emergency situations were where I found myself to be at the top of my game, where I was able to help more people rather than cold medicine. With time, my interest in Emergency Medicine grew , finally reaching a point that last year, I decided to take emergency medicine as the specialty of my career. With examples of Dr Ghazanfar Saleem and Dr Saima Salman, I too started to believe I can make a bigger difference for myself and for my community and on a wider scale contribute to the nation in a much efficient way by joining this field. When Dr Ghazanfar told me about this program I was very excited to join, as it would give me a much better orientation and a systemic approach to my work. While I do plan to take postgraduate training exams in the near future, this course will help me and my team at Patel Hospital to get in line with the right approach to practice in the Emergency Department and thus improve patient outcomes.

Dr Adeel Khatri, CPEM-D

 “CPEM is outstanding. So far, it has targeted relevant topics in a clear, compelling, and a memorable manner. The provision of clinically essential information per minute of time spent is fabulous. The small group and a relaxed atmosphere lends itself to a valuable and an exceptional discussion.” –

Dr Mahrung Imam, CPEM-D

When I heard about this program I instantly decided I should join it to achieve proper, updated, systemic guidelines in the field of emergency medicine as every second matters in managing an emergency patient. Secondly by the involvement of international faculty I will be listening to their experiences and in the end I will be helping my country people, who are suffering in emergency rooms, in a more skilled manner.

So far after attending these sessions I am satisfied and feel that I took the right decision to join this program. I hope to see myself as a better emergency doctor by the end of this program.

Dr Iqbal Ali Khan, CPEM-D


[I joined CPEM] to hone my skill as an emergency physician, to make sure I am up to date on the practices conducted in Emergency Rooms around the world by indulging and coordinating with the visiting faculties. Career-wise speaking, I hope to streamline my theory and practical knowledge for further studies.

Dr Wajeeh Hasan, CPEM-C

“Little did I know when I enrolled in CPEM what a comprehensive and dynamic course it would be. As we started out as its first ever batch, I was pleasantly surprised to meet colleagues from various institutions all over Karachi, all striving for excellence in the field of EM. What followed from our first month into the program was an enlightening journey into the principles and practice of emergency medicine.

I have been able to acquire the key clinical knowledge and appropriate interventions that an emergency physician working in Pakistan ought to know. Regular case simulations, and clinical skills and ultrasound workshops have helped me understand emergency care from a new perspective and built on the foundations of my clinical knowledge. Thanks to this program, we, as upcoming emergency physicians, have a chance to interact with national and the international faculty and gain a global perspective of emergency medicine.

Today, I feel more empowered to face the future.”

Dr Sama Mukhtar – CPEM-C